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Fluff Pulp

Fluff pulp is a pulp made from long fibre softwoods. The important features of fluff pulp are its exceptional bulkiness and absorbency. DhanRoto offers fluff pulp in untreated form. The most demanding applications of fluff pulp are in personal care products such as diapers, feminine hygiene products and air laid products.
Hardwood Pulp-min

Bleached Hardwood Pulp

Hardwood Pulp is obtained from hardwood trees such as Acacia, Birch, Poplar, Eucalyptus, etc. which have short length fibres with higher density. Hardwood Pulp is high in opaqueness, thickness and stiffness. It is used in the manufacturing of coated paper, light weight coated paper, offset paper, printing paper, filter paper and writing paper. DhanRoto offers a wide variety of bleached hardwood pulp.
Dissolving Pulp​-min

Dissolving Pulp

Dissolving Wood Pulp is a purified cellulose pulp with low ash content, high alpha cellulose and controlled chemical properties such as resin, viscosity etc. It is used in viscose making and is a basic raw material for Microcrystalline cellulose powder.

unbleached pulp-min

Unbleached Pulp (UKP)

DhanRoto provides various grades of unbleached wood pulp, namely :

● Paper Grade
● Insulation Grade
● Fiber Cement Grade

Softwood pulp-min

Bleached Softwood Pulp

DhanRoto offers a wide range of bleached softwood pulp. Softwood Pulp is made from long, thin and pure softwood fibres obtained from trees such as Spruce, Pine, Maple, etc. It is an excellent material for paper making grades such as offset paper and other technical and industrial paper manufacturing. Paper grades manufactured from softwood pulp have good flexibility, folding strength, printability and tensile strength.

bagasse pulp-min

Bagasse Pulp

Bagasse is the fibrous residue remaining after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed to extract their juice. It is currently used as a renewable resource in the manufacture of pulp and paper products. Bagasse Pulp is used to make eco-friendly disposable tableware, replacing materials such as styrofoam, which are increasingly regarded as non environment friendly.


Pulp Wrappers

Reclaimed Fluff pulp-min

Reclaimed Fluff Pulp

Reclaimed Fluff Pulp is majorly used in manufacturing Maternity pads and napkins.



Bleached Chemi-ThermoMechanical Pulp is used as a filler in cupstock paper and FBB. It provides higher bulk, opacity, and stiffness in the final product.
off grade pulp_-min

Off Grade Pulp

Off grade pulp is the excess / old / rejected inventory lying with manufacturers due to slight variations from their standard specifications

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