Why us?

Dhanalaxmi Roto Spinners Ltd.

DhanRoto aims at becoming the most valuable partner to our suppliers and our customers. Our company is a specialist in providing customized services in sourcing the right product, at the right time and at the right price from around the world. Moreover, we provide warehousing, logistics, and financial support to our customers in accordance with their needs and requirements.

Your Challenges DhanRoto Solutions
Pay an advance to book your material. No need to pay any advance. Only letting us know your requirements backed by Purchase Order is enough.
Need to order minimum 2 containers for imports (50MT) You can order as much as you require from as low as 5MT/ 10MT/ 15MT as per your consumption.
Imports need to be planned 3 months in advance Just in Time – Prompt delivery from ready stock of pulp and paper.
Lack of storage space due to voluminous end product as well as raw material. No need to keep inventory at your warehouse. We shall do the needful for you.
Real cost unknown due to volatile USD and various other factors. Fixed cost in local currency. No surprises. We shall give you the price in INR while blocking the material for you.
Import hassles , additional shipping line charges , demurrage and detention costs. Zero hassles, Zero additional costs.
Working capital blocking by paying upfront for the whole quantity at one go in a long delivery, shipping time and inventory. Release working capital by buying against local currency LC/ BG upto 120 days from the day the material is dispatched to you locally.
Stock out due to delays in shipment. We ensure that our regular buyers are never stocked out due to any reason for their orders placed through us.

For questions and inquiries: Email us at info@dhanroto.com
or contact us at +91 83743 10011 or +91 7306608181